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Bellefonte Arts Festival

Celebrating Local Art since 2009

Visual Arts, Performance Arts, and Culinary Arts

Always on the third Saturday in May, (unless there is a world wide pandemic... or rain!)

Join us all day for a fun day filled with art, friends, and shopping in Bellefonte, DE.

If you would like to receive notices for vendor opportunities please email us at

With much gratitude and appreciation

In 2009 a very special relationship began and an art festival was born. Little did they realize when they sat down to dream up this event that it would grow and unite an already uniquely close-knit and artistic community.

Damon Betz performed with his band Black Cheese at the very first festival.  He has scheduled the performance line-up each year since, and provided Barbeque for several years, all while keeping Valerie White sane and calm.  He is leaving a giant hole in the arts and music scene, and in the Bellefonte Community.


Thanks for all the love, laughter, and music.

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