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A Night of Poetry and Performance Art

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Admission is FREE!!

Members of the crew of 433Eros, broadcasting from the confines of the studios of WA2NAN, deep below Eldrige Peak, have been monitoring, repeating and enhancing signals both celestial and terrestrial since October 28, 1943*

Join Nancy Deavers and Erif Der as they broadcast live from their station on asteroid Eros433 to the Buzz Ware Center.  They diligently monitor Earth for unique transmissions and have made contact with multiple data streams and plan to unveil many of them after thorough scrubbing.

Poetry and Performance transmissions from 7 - 8pm 

Local poets and performers (Gentle Jones, and other surprises)

(If you'd like to read - email  us at -

Ambient terrestrial transmissions 8pm (Provided by Woz)

Live music performance and other galactic anomalies to follow.

(Mississippi Earl Brown)

Space rations provided, (known on Earth as hors d'oeuvres. )

BYOB, (set ups provided)

Location:  "The Buzz"  A.K.A The Buzz Ware Village Center

2119 The Highway, Arden, Delaware, 19810

To hear archived transmissions, please visit links below, and ENJOY!

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