Bellefonte Artist Members

BA members offer a variety of artistic mediums and handcrafted work available in our shop on Brandywine Boulevard in Bellefonte, DE, minutes from Philadelphia, PA, and a few seconds from Wilmington DE. A few of our artists teach our classes, and many participate in our annual art festival. Take a few moments and learn more about our artist members. 

Liz Baehr  - A La Liz
Fabric, Fiber, Textiles
Liz makes handmade handbags, clutches, headbands and other accessories in her home studio in Delaware. Playing with color and pattern is what she thrives on. She likes to use a mix of fabrics including vintage style with a modern aesthetic, bold and colorful patterns, and playfully stylish. She also is a fiber artist exploring knitting, weaving and needlepoint.
Jill Ann Taylor

​​Oil, pastel, pencil

Jill dedicates her free time to her passion of drawing and painting local landscapes and landmarks in and around her community of North Wilmington.  She can be found creating en plein air frequently at local Delaware Stare Parks.


Cathy Osberg Codding
Dreamers’ Jewelry

​​Bead Artisan

Born in Beaumont, TX and raised in Wilmington, DE, Cathy Osberg Codding (Dreamers’ Jewelry) comes from a family of golfers; however, being the only girl and youngest of five, her skills were not curated for golfing. Instead, her mother instilled in her the thrill of crafting (sewing, counted cross stitch, crocheting). Cathy likes to state that she “was born a crafter.” In 2005, while vacationing in New Hampshire, creating jewelry became an additional piece of her crafting journey. Initially learning bead stringing, she quickly fell in love with off-loom weaving of jewelry designs, typically selecting unique color schemes. Cathy doesn’t use a loom; but, rather, she holds the tiniest of beads in her hands while using needle + thread to create a piece of jewelry. Cathy has been a displaying artist at Bellefonte Arts since 2014. Today, she remains inspired to create jewelry that always garners appreciation when worn.

Dreamers' Jewelry

Kara Hinson
Fine Art

Kara Hinson is visual artist based in New Castle, Delaware.

Her art prominently features portraits and illustrations of women in a variety of medium. Her most notable work is characterized by vivid, layered watercolor portraits. With surrealistic colors and details, her paintings focus on the diversity of women and often incorporate elements of nature and fantasy.

Kara Hinson

Marsha Minutella - 
Marsha Neal Studio, LLC


Ceramic Clay, Sheep Wool, Beads, Fibers, Wire


Marsha enjoys the process of making shapes in ceramic clay, fibers, and beads. She finds it quite enjoyable creating textures with clay and colors with glazes and fibers to create her small pieces. Most of her work is small enough to sit on a windowsill or in a small special nook to be discovered when you take the time to look. She also really enjoys making beads for people to use in their own jewelry designs. She feels that her ceramic bead work in the hands of others allows for a sort of collaboration of vision for a finished items beyond her vision.
Eric W Zippe

​​Fine Art Photography, Photographs transfered on to wood and Laser Engraving

Eric's involvement in fine art photography began in the early 1990’s. His work is conceptually based, relying heavily on the use of found locations, subjects and objects as equivalents. It is designed to invoke thought with emotion and to convey the viewer simultaneously into the physical space of the image and into the observer's own subconscious understanding. Working directly in reaction to the surrounding environment and visual everyday occurrences is the starting point of visual exploration that continues to the desired impression is captured in frame. Often these framed instances would go unnoticed in their original context and take on a minimalist or abstract quality. Once the process of photographing is concluded, he then works using various methods to hone the color, shapes and textures of the final image. Once complete the image is transferred, printed or engraved on to various substrates of paper, wood and metals.

Karen S. Furst
Trilby Works

Mixed Media​​

Karen Furst transforms found objects and household recycling items into radical robots, damaged dolls, quirky creatures, and maniacal monsters inspired by fantasy, folk tales, and dreams. Her work in assemblage and mixed media combines metal, hardware, resin, clay, and paint with a healthy dose of imagination.

Karen S. Furst

Julie Hazzard
A Peace of Color, LLC

​​Julie has long been fascinated by the unknown aspect of fabric dyeing in that she rarely has a preconceived expectation of what the finished product will look like. She enjoys experimenting with many dyeing techniques from all corners of the world to create affordable and unique clothing, accessories and housewares.

Julie Hazzard

Jen Hintz Eggers
The Art of Hintz

Jen Hintz Eggers holds a BFA in Painting from the University of Delaware. She has participated in many  group and solo shows as well as community events in and around Wilmington, DE. Jen currently teaches  community art classes throughout New Castle County. She lives near Wilmington with her husband, son, and cat.    She is a painter working primarily with gouache and oils creating abstractions with saturated colors,  geometric patterns, and natural forms. Her work functions as meditation,  allowing her to explore  recurring motifs inspired by personal experiences, religious spaces, and mother nature herself. Often  her pieces will start from direct observation like a moonrise, a meadow in late fall, or the wind moving grasses. As the paintings grows she intuitively adds layers of abstraction and symbolism such as palmettes,  boteh (paisleys), the flower of life, the star of David, and trinity knots. Her painting explores the  intersection between commonplace details and the desire to find meaning. The final works are brought  together capturing a thought or emotion through symbology and color to be celebrated as a sacred  object.   

Jen Hintz Eggers

Kelly Martin
Paper Hibiscus

​​Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is the art of cutting paper into long thin strips, rolling and pinching the pieces into different shapes, and then gluing the shapes together to form decorative art.  Kelly often uses repurposed magazine and catalog pages to create her pieces.  The paper is wound around a quill to create a basic coil shapewhich she uses to create colorful flowers, leaves, and various ornamental patterns for wall hangings, greeting cards and jewelry.

Kelly Martin

Alice  N. T. Reid
Etomi's Treasures
Jewelry, Textile Art,
Bath and Body products

Etomi's Treasures is the outlet for the creative and imaginative items that Alice designs and crafts. These items include jewelry, textile art, and bath and body products. Her work tends to reflect her African and indigenous heritages, using natural materials: stone and gemstones, Akoya pearls, wood, metal, and organic beads. It also features materials from the Third World, which include clay, horn and bone beads, and - specifically from Africa - trade beads, sandcast and glass beads, Krobo beads, horn, woods, and brass. Polymer beads will be her next experiment; however, the inclusion of items from nature will always be the focus of everything Alice handcrafts.

Etomi's Treasures

Ginger Scheidegg
Sunrise Glass Designs
Fused Glass

Ginger has always been fascinated with working with glass and finds that the process of fusing takes the beauty and design of art glass to a whole new level. The process of creating a finished item is long and tedious. The glass is shaped by cutting and grinding before it can be assembled and heated. The heating process is slow and precise. Temperatures must be precisely controlled to obtain the desired texture and the items must my cooled very slowly in order to anneal properly assuring that they will not crack. Items are often fired multiple times and subsequently cold worked in order to get the desired output. 

Ginger Scheidegg

Arlene Finocchiaro
Polymer Clay, Jewelry,

Every art piece Arlene creates is a journey, whether it’s combining beads into a one-of-a-kind necklace, forming polymer clay in to sculptural forms or crafting cards from memorable photos or stamped designs.She hopes to convey her excitement of combining colors, textures and forms to delight the eye and the spirit.

Arlene Finocchiaro

Nicole Kristiana Studio
Gouache Painting

Nicole's art is inspired by patterns. She believes that animals are part of their environment, and vice-versa, so she chooses colors and patterns inspired by their habitats to celebrate them. She has been creating art for the better part of 30 years and has specialized in her gouache paintings for the last decade. 

Some of her unique techniques include using Chinese brushes, spray bottles, stencils and fabric patterns. She has a deep understanding of color. She loves to work with each color’s inherent qualities of opacity, fluidity and interactive abilities.

Nicole Kristiana Studio

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